When Lexington Regional Health Center (then Tri-County Hospital) opened 40 years ago, Sherry Gehrt, Peggy Block, Charlene Tilson, Donna Soflin, and Pay Samway were among the original employees.

They were the honored guests at an open house Thursday at the hospital. Gehrt, Block, Soflin, and Samway all received plaques and gift bags (Tilson was not in attendance because she was out of town).

Samway said her husband, Denny, teases her sometimes that she cares more about her hospital family than she does about him.

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  1. Jayce March 24, 2017 Reply

    Your photos bring it all back to me Tiffany . . . such a joy to be a customer, instead of a vendor (they work soooo hard!!!!). None of this beauty happens out of the blue. Everyone, including YOU gave it their A-game. Can’t remember having this much fun in a long time!!! Your uninhibited enthusiasm is positively ma#hntic&g8211;teanks for the chat. Good times, no . . . GREAT times!!!xoxo Debi

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